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Joan Lunden, Give Me a Call

Guest blogger: Please welcome Sherri, a nurse who is new at blogging. Follow her at  www.sherrifillipo.com

I promised my mother I would not do anything edgy before October breast cancer awareness month (ugh), but standing in line at Wegmans yesterday I knew there would be no holding back once I got home.

joan lunden

People Magazine Cover

You see, as I stood there in line, beautiful, bald Joan Lunden stared back at me on the cover of People magazine with the quote, “I will beat this!” It made me so angry I just had to look away. I wanted to speed dial her and set her straight. I imagined she would pick up the phone and I would say,

“Joan. Listen, you have it all wrong. You don’t get to decide if you will beat cancer – the cancer does.”

And then I would go on to educate her on cancer that stays in the breast versus cancer that leaves it and what a disservice it is to women and families who deal with the diagnosis of terminal breast cancer and how they might worry that they had not fought as hard as say, Joan Lunden, and that’s why they were dying. Oh, I’ve gone and gotten myself started!

October is a rough month for women who are living and dying with metastatic breast cancer. I have so much I want to write about! Stay tuned.

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  1. sherrifillipo

    Reblogged this on Sherri Fillipo and commented:
    The Metastatic Breast Cancer Network posted my Joan Lunden blog today, the first day of a long breast cancer awareness month!

  2. Carol Marrero

    I Also have breast cancer. METASTATIC. Please listen to Sherri, visit mbcn and lbbc. They are the most accurate info. You are looked up to and I would appreciate you sharing accurate info and not pink look good feel good info. Educate. I live in Tennessee and will be in NY October 9 to 14. Would love to meet you. I am bald for second time. Not everyone gets to have this liberating experience of not doing hair care. Good Luck

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