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Newby: We Need to Change the Odds on Metastatic Breast Cancer


Josh Newby wrote this editorial for the Houston Chronicle: 

My mother, Theresa Newby Harpole, was an early-stage breast cancer survivor who battled metastatic breast cancer for more than three and a half years before passing away Thanksgiving Day 2013. Together, we established Theresa’s Research Foundation with a mission to solely fund metastatic breast cancer research and improve the quality of lives of those impacted by this disease.

With collaboration from scientists, oncologists, advocates, industry leaders and patients, together we can accelerate metastatic breast cancer research with a goal of extending lives, improving quality of life and providing better treatment options for patients.

We must emphasizing the critical need for more research funding, and participation in and awareness of clinical research trials in order to change the odds and cure metastatic breast cancer hopefully in my lifetime.

Newby is founder and executive director of Theresa’s Research Foundation, based in Houston.


Read the entire editorial here.