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MBC and COVID-19 Tips for Coping and More

On March 19, 2020, Saint Luke’s Hospital Koontz Center for Advanced Breast Cancer conducted a special ABC Forum discussing COVID-19 as it relates to metastatic breast cancer.

Timothy J. Pluard, MD, medical director at Saint Luke’s Cancer Institute And the Paul Koontz Endowed Chair of Breast Disease at the University of Missouri- KC School of Medicine spoke first.

He discussed appropriate safety and isolation strategies for those with MBC and their support system.

Dr. Savanah Geske, an oncology clinical psychologist with Saint Luke’s Cancer Institute,  then highlighted anxiety reduction techniques to assist with coronavirus related stress as well as some suggestions on how to talk to children about what is going on.

Click the link below, and then press play on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen to load the content. The Q&A session is at the end of the presentation.

See https://slhs.webex.com/…/r…/6265de821363475393e06b3d3163d4d4

Thanks Saint Luke’s Hospital Koontz Center for Advanced Breast Cancer!

Watch the replay at  https://slhs.webex.com/…/r…/6265de821363475393e06b3d3163d4d4