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Welcome to the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network's website! We are proud to be the national, independent voice for patients living with metastatic breast cancer. Since 2004, we've been a trusted resource for patients and their caregivers.

MBCN was founded by people living with MBC to advocate for people living with MBC. Our patient-directed group is comprised of volunteers, people like you and me who are living with a Stage IV diagnosis.

Please read the History of MBC section to learn more about us or listen to the video to the right: The Story of MBCN.

For 2015 we are looking forward to continuing our advocacy and projects while working closely with the MBC Alliance to leverage the resources and interest the Alliance has generated. For 2015, we plan to offer new webinars and face-to-face meetings that address topics that concern patients.

I wish you a new year filled with love, peace and hope.

Shirley Mertz
Metastatic Breast Cancer Network




The Story of MBCN: Who we are (from 2011)

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