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Welcome to the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network's website! We are proud to be the national, independent voice for patients living with metastatic breast cancer. Since 2004, we've been a trusted resource for patients and their caregivers.

MBCN was founded by people living with MBC to advocate for people living with MBC. Our patient-directed group is comprised of volunteers, people like you and me who are living with a Stage IV diagnosis.

Here's a quick recap of our 2012 accomplishments:


MBCN held its sixth annual Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference in October at Northwestern University in Chicago. Over 200 patients attended.

The National Cancer Institute's Dr. Patricia Steeg gave MBCN's inaugural keynote address on metastatic breast cancer research at the Chicago conference.

MBCN presented a grant award to further metastatic breast cancer research. Dr. Steeg's laboratory, which is working to find treatments to prevent the spread of metastasis, was the recipient of the award. The award was named in honor of MBCN's former president, Ellen Moskowitz, and vice-president, Suzanne Hebert who both passed away in 2012.

MBCN's voice was represented throughout 2012 at key breast cancer conferences and scientific meetings, including the international Advanced Breast Cancer (ABC1) Conference. MBCN has been invited to be part of the Patient Advocate Steering Committee for ABC2 in 2013.

• MBCN partnered with LBBC to develop a detailed brochure for those newly diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. The brochure is available on our website.

MBCN developed metastatic awareness and fundraising kits on our website in 2012 that offer strategies to patients and their families on how to bring attention to the needs of metastatic breast cancer patients. "13 Facts About Metastatic Breast Cancer" is available as part of the kit or can be downloaded separately.

MBCN redesigned its website to make it more user friendly and to provide opportunities for our membership to share stories of survival and advocacy. Over 700,000 pages were viewed by visitors to MBCN's website in 2012. We also have an active presence on Twitter and Facebook.


MBCN will work even harder in 2013 to help the public, advocacy organizations, scientists, researchers and pharmaceuticals to understand that while no cure currently exists for metastatic breast cancer, more research that discovers metastatic pathways for all types of advanced disease is needed along with treatments to target these pathways.

I encourage you to use your voice, individually and collectively with friends and family, to draw attention to the needs of the metastatic breast cancer community and demand treatments that extend lives. Together, we can change outcomes in the clinic.


I wish you a new year filled with love, peace and hope.

Shirley Mertz
Metastatic Breast Cancer Network






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