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In Memoriam

Sherri Shares: My First Visit From Hospice

Sherri was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 just prior to her 50th birthday; her metastatic diagnosis followed in 2012 when she learned her cancer had spread to her liver. She recently elected to start hospice care, here's the story of her first visit.

RIP Holley Kitchen, the MBC Mom Who Reached Millions

"Our hearts are broken as we share the news that Holley peacefully passed away early this morning," writes Holley Facebook page friend and administrator. "She was surrounded by love, as she has been in every moment of her life. . .Details regarding Holley’s services will be forthcoming. Please respect the privacy of those closest to Holley as they grieve and make all the necessary arrangements. Thank you for your unending support and love." ‪#‎Lifer‬