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Adrian B. McClenney, IBC Patient Advocate, Author and Inspiration

Adrian held a special place in my heart because like my mom, she had inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). IBC is a rare, but aggressive breast cancer that doesn't have a lump. Overnight, a person's breast may become red and swollen with the skin having the texture of an orange peel. It accounts for about 5% of all breast cancers and is usually found at Stage 3 or Stage 4. People with IBC are often misdiagnosed--their cancer may be confused for a breast infection such as mastitis.

Before, During and After: Laura’s MBC Story

After Laura's most recent gamma knife treatment to treat the breast cancer that spread to her brain, she drew a self-portrait of herself in "the cage" aka the head frame used to ensure a patient remains in the exact same position for the procedure. Her drawing was so powerful it prompted us to invite her to share her story--and like Laura, this story is multi-faceted. Brain mets is part of it but there is so much more.

Sherri Shares: My First Visit From Hospice

Sherri was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 just prior to her 50th birthday; her metastatic diagnosis followed in 2012 when she learned her cancer had spread to her liver. She recently elected to start hospice care, here's the story of her first visit.
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