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During the month of October, the breast cancer community traditionally rallies together to applaud those who have beaten the disease. They wear a pink ribbon and many think they are cured.

We know better. We are the 155,000 men and women in the United States who are living with metastatic breast cancer.

The focus is on the pink ribbon - not on those of us living with this disease. We are kept hidden away... no one wants to mention the M word. We scare people! Sometimes, we scare ourselves!

We at MBCN believe that to change the status-quo, we must all be advocates..and advocacy comes in many forms.


A form of advocacy is developing awareness, and that is what MBC Awareness Day is all about. We begin this section with the current 2011 Activities for MBCAwareness Day and the 13 Things Everyone Should Know about Metastatic Breast Cancer.

We continue with the story of how the day was established. Our Legislative Team went to DC in 2009 and succeeded in obtaining House Resolution 787 and  Senate Resolution 295 declaring MBC Awareness Day. 

The C-SPAN video is 20 minutes of House speakers all talking about us – the metastatic population.

Under Proclamations, Supporters and Articles we list some of the activities of MBC Awareness Day from 2008-2010 in the US, Canada, UK and across all the cities and states.

Our 60-second Public Service Annnouncement was aired on cable channels bringing the word metastatic into homes across the country.

MBCN was proud to participate on Sept 10, 2010 when Stand Up 2 Cancer held its star studded telethon for raising funds for innovative cancer research.

Outreach Report includes the Bridging Gaps/Expanding Outreach Report on unmet needs of the metastatic population as well as related articles.


And there is more to do!

Let the metastatic voice be heard!

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