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The first thing my oncologist told me when I was diagnosed as having metastatic breast cancer was a stern: "Do not go on the Internet and look at statistics."  Of course, that is exactly what I did when I got home!
We hope this page examines some of the issues with statistics and helps you put them in context for yourself. Some people will read this page and then decide that it is best not to look at statistics.  Many are not interested in them and that is fine with us!
Others, who may want to be more vocal advocates in the mbc community, will want to read all the pages in this section on existing statistics and those that are not collected, but should be. We have given as much detailed information, as is currently known, and tried to point out where data is lacking.
We suggest you start with STATISTICS - WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN TO YOU!!! by clicking on the link for a clearer understanding of statistics as they relate to you.

Keep in mind
  1. Statistics can be frightening... and some statistics may not even apply to you and your specific type of cancer and your particular response to treatment.
  2. Many statistics represent an average number. Not everyone falls into that average.
  3. You are a statistic of one.