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All of us at MBCN are volunteers, so ALL donations go toward our mission:

  • increasing awareness of metastatic breast cancer,
  • educating patients to be their own best advocates
  • fighting for treatments to extend our lives.

Past Fundraisers:

MBCN has been truly fortunate in having members do their own fundraising to help support our work.

  • Some people want to hold a fundraiser in memory of a recently lost loved one
  • Others choose to support a friend currently living with mbc.
  • Or, the person with mbc themselves may dedicate a birthday or other celebration to raise funds and work for the cause.

Educate People:

Fundraisers can also be an opportunity to educate participants and the community about metastatic breast cancer.

  • Many people in your community may be unfamiliar with your diagnosis. They may ask you: “When will your treatments end?”
  • MBCN can provide educational materials to explain the disease. You may want to incorporate your story into the fundraiser, so that not only are you  raising much needed funds to support our mission, but also raising awareness of what makes metastatic disease different from early stage breast cancer.

Thank you:

We are proud to shine the spotlight on our members who have come up with their own ideas on how to raise money for MBCN.
Take a look at what they’ve accomplished… maybe it will inspire YOU to launch a fundraiser!

Have Questions?

Email us at: fundraisers@mbcn.org