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When someone says they have been living with mets for 10 years… all heads turn. We all pay attention. We all want to hear their story.

And, time seems to stand still when someone tells us they have been living with mets for 10+ years!

Living with metastatic breast cancer is a challenge, and these stories give us hope. If you have hit that 10 year mark, please share your story with all of us.


Sandra's Story: Living with Mets for 17 years!

Sandra SpiveySandra Spivey

Southern California

Age at metastatic diagnosis (1998): 45

Current age (2015): 62


I've been living with stage 4 breast cancer since 1998.  It took an agonizing 3 months to confirm the diagnosis with a biopsy and I got the news the day before I hosted Thanksgiving Dinner at my home for 18 family members.  That Thanksgiving was like a Three… » Read More

Jill's Story: Living with Mets for 12 years

Name: Jill Cohen
City: Seattle Area
Age at Diagnosis: 42
Age Now: 55
Subtype: ER/PR+ HER2-

My philosophy? “Dum vivimus, vivamus: while we live, let us live!” Life is precious, and in a very real sense, we all have the same amount of time -- today.

I know many women don't live as long as I have with mets (12 years as of August 2014), and I think I provide… » Read More

Anne's Story: 11 years and counting...

I was first diagnosed in January 2003 with Stage II-III (I fell into both categories), ER+/PR+, Her2+.  I was 42, married, and a mom of 3 boys:  11, 5, and 2-3/4.  Just like everyone else, this was not part of any plan I had made!  Initially, I found a lump doing a breast self-exam in November 2002 but since I had lumpy breasts I thought I would wait a month to see if the lump stuck around.  In January, I felt the lump again.  Nothing showed up on a mammogram (now I know it was because of dense breasts) but ultrasound showed the lump; a needle biopsy followed,… » Read More

Terlisa's Story: Getting a Third Chance

My name is Terlisa Sheppard and at the age of 31 and 34 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer while carrying my second child in November 1998.


I had been complaining to my gynecologist about feeling a lump under my arm, but he informed me that it was probably a milk duct that had formed due to the pregnancy and told me not to worry about it.  The lump continued to get bigger and I voiced my concern again, this time he told me that if I insist, he would do a mammogram at that point and another one after the baby was delivered, to compare the two… » Read More

Bob’s Story: Accepting things as they come

In 2001, I went to the doctor because I had a lump in my breast. Although I knew that it was unlikely for a man to get breast cancer, I was still relieved when the lump was found to be benign. I was diagnosed with Gynecomastia. In 2002, I had intense pain in my clavicle. I went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with a fracture. I had surgery and a biopsy. The biopsy was benign. In January 2003, I had more pain in my clavicle which resulted in a second surgery and and biopsy. I was diagnosed with metastatic male breast cancer (with metastasis to the bone). It was just days after my 41st birthday.

» Read More
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