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1. Who do you know? Coworkers, schools, churches, restaurants, retail stores, companies -- these are groups that may already be aware of your diagnosis and are ready to support you.


2. Contact local foundations for information on how to fundraise. You may want to contact the local chapter of the American Cancer Society or your local hospital's Department of Social Services for fund raising information and opportunities. They may be able to offer expertise or someone familiar with event planning.


3. Reach out to local retailers to get raffle prizes. Or ask if you can leave a container for donations next to their cash register. Include pictures and brief text to explain your cause. Your local Retailers Association or Chamber of Commerce may also be a good place to contact a group of local retailers to explain your needs and ask for support.


4. Who can help you? Friends and family, of course! Also consider local fraternities and charities. You may find an event planner to donate their services.


5. Get the media involved! A community pulling together to help people in crisis is a compelling human interest story. Make sure that a newspaper or reporter knows about any of your fundraising events and your diagnosis. Provide fact sheet to them in advance about your case. Get the TV stations to bring their cameras and put your interview on the nightly news! Then send lots of thank you letters.


6. What events work for fundraising? The answer is simple...Any that you can get your community supporting. Get local entertainers to donate their services and have local celebrities such as the mayor, state or national senators, representatives or local heroes/community leaders to speak. Stage a "special location" - one that everyone loves in your area.





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