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We all have a story to tell and we can be inspired in writing the story and in reading others' stories.



Sarah: N.E.D. after 4 years

I was 28 years old, only a few years out of college. I had a beautiful son and a great career. Without warning, I noticed a ping pong sized lump in my left breast. I waited a week before I went to the doctor, thinking I had just banged into something and that it would heal on its own.


When I did go to the doctor, she said I was much too young for breast cancer and that it was most likely a cyst, but she sent me to the breast clinic to be examined anyway. After many biopsies, mammograms, and a breast MRI, I was told that I had breast cancer. At the time the breast cancer… » Read More

Lynn: Faith and Meaning

In June of 1994, I was on top of the world.  We just moved into our dream house in May.  I was so excited that I danced on our kitchen island.  The day after we returned from an incentive trip that I won at Verizon, I went into the hospital for a biopsy.  The news was bad. Stage 2 breast cancer, and a very aggressive cancer at that.  I was devastated. I thought I was too young to have cancer plus I had no family history of breast cancer. 

I had a lumpectomy and axillary node dissection.  Treatment consisted of 9 months of chemotherapy and radiation… » Read More

Robyn: Hope in Medicine, Trust in the Lord

I was 50 years old when I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (mbc). When I was first diagnosed, I did not have the normal reaction to the news. I decided to face this challenge as I had many other difficult challenges in the past-- head on.  I refused to let my emotions dictate to me and I accepted the fact that there is no cure.  My family, friends and adult sons took the news harder than I had.  I have a wonderful oncologist, who also happened to be both my grandfather’s and father’s doctor in the past.  I have had the loving support of my family and… » Read More

Kristin's Story: New Mom Wants to Reach Others

My name is Kristin Todd and I am 32-years YOUNG. In July 2013, I was 34 weeks pregnant with our first child (a boy!). My husband, Brian, had pointed out a lump in my breast to me and I brought it to the attention of an OB during one of my routine pregnancy checks.


This first doctor essentially blew off my concerns, telling me I was too young for breast cancer and regardless, they wouldn’t do anything about it until after the baby was born. Wrong on BOTH counts. Being in the medical field myself (I am a nurse practitioner), I didn’t accept this answer. I brought… » Read More

Andrea: My Support Network is a Blessing

My name is Andrea and I am 37 years old. After I noticed significant breast pain, I had a mammogram and biopsy, and I was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma, that metastasized to lymph nodes, in late February 2014.
My doctor recommended a double mastectomy but then a PET scan revealed metastasis to my vertebrae, belly, sternum, and clavicle, as well as additional lymph nodes. Rather than surgery, I began chemotherapy in April. I have a significant family history and found to be a BRCA1+ carrier.


Since I do not live close… » Read More

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