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We all have a story to tell and we can be inspired in writing the story and in reading others' stories.



Barbara: Learning How to Accept and Live with the Unacceptable

Editor's note: In 2002, Barbara Bigelow was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. She was 44 years old and had a strong family history: Her two older sisters also had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Barbara spent 2002 in treatment: She had a lumpectomy, sentinel node biopsy, ancillary node dissection, chemotherapy with AC for 6 rounds and 7 weeks of radiation. Shortly after Barb finished treatment, her sister Mary died–just  six weeks after Mary’s metastatic breast cancer recurrence was discovered.

Barbara’s cancer diagnosis… » Read More

Jennifer's Story: Defying the Statistics

Jennifer Bockey
Toledo, OH
Age at diagnosis: 41
Current Age: 48
Subtype: ER/PR+; HER2+



I would love to do whatever I can to help further the awareness and support of Metastatic. Breast Cancer.


I was diagnosed in February 2008 originally at Stage 2b and then in April 2008 with mets following a pet scan prior to starting chemo. I had four lesions on… » Read More

Vera's Story: Learning to Fight

Vera Bierend
Canyon Country, CA
Subtype: ER/PR+; HER2-
Age at diagnosis: 44
Age at metastatic recurrence: 53
Age now: 56

Metastatic breast cancer has brought me into some precious relationships. I am humbled by the opportunity to meet tremendous and valiant women (and men) who are living fully despite metastatic breast cancer.

I was an educator for almost 30 years, but I was forced to retire in January 2014 to better focus on improving my health. It's been a journey of twists and turns, but I am so thankful to be here and to be… » Read More

Sarah: N.E.D. after 4 years

I was 28 years old, only a few years out of college. I had a beautiful son and a great career. Without warning, I noticed a ping pong sized lump in my left breast. I waited a week before I went to the doctor, thinking I had just banged into something and that it would heal on its own.


When I did go to the doctor, she said I was much too young for breast cancer and that it was most likely a cyst, but she sent me to the breast clinic to be examined anyway. After many biopsies, mammograms, and a breast MRI, I was told that I had breast cancer. At the time the breast cancer… » Read More

Lynn: Faith and Meaning

In June of 1994, I was on top of the world.  We just moved into our dream house in May.  I was so excited that I danced on our kitchen island.  The day after we returned from an incentive trip that I won at Verizon, I went into the hospital for a biopsy.  The news was bad. Stage 2 breast cancer, and a very aggressive cancer at that.  I was devastated. I thought I was too young to have cancer plus I had no family history of breast cancer. 

I had a lumpectomy and axillary node dissection.  Treatment consisted of 9 months of chemotherapy and radiation… » Read More

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