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With her feet firmly planted in reality, Heather LoRe, first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and later diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer in 2008, is nonetheless committed to life and to living her dreams unencumbered by negative energy, writes Maryann Dickman on NorthReading.Patch.com. (April 17, 2011)

Dickman's article continues: LoRe's typically upbeat attitude, coupled with an ever-present care and concern for others and their wellbeing, have helped keep her actively engaged in all facets of life.

"People are living with breast cancer," she explains. "When I wake up in the morning, I just thank God for another day."

As a matter of fact, LoRe seizes the day quite like none other I have met! She has founded a local support group that meets in Middleton every other Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. - 11 a.m. It is open to all Stage IV metastatic breast cancer patients. The group provides a venue where women are free to talk about their illness with others who care and are coping daily with the complexities of that diagnosis.

The group presently has seven members, but welcomes new attendees. With the unique considerations of this diagnosis in mind, LoRe has limited members to those with metastatic breast cancer. Anyone interested in learning more is encouraged to call her at 978-664-2161 or emailheatherlore@verizon.net.

Currently, with her cancer in remission, LoRe is excited about embarking on a second career -- real estate -- with Century 21 Spindler & O'Neil and Associates, located at 247 Main St., in North Reading.

Possessing a lifelong interest in homes and their accessories, LoRe recently took advantage of pre-license classes offered by Spindler & O'Neil. With course requirements and a successful licensing exam behind her, David O'Neil immediately invited her to join his group of realtors.

A North Reading resident since 1991, LoRe has since eagerly expanded connections in the area and looks forward to serving customers well. She's confident, as are others, that her diligence and care for patients will transfer well to this new endeavor.

LoRe will not, however, be waving a final goodbye to her initial life's work, but rather retaining many familiar associations.

As she says, "I'll always be a pediatric nurse."

Whenever LoRe speaks about children, her eyes dance and she smiles widely. Some residents may remember her from her three years spent as school nurse at J. Turner Hood School several years ago.

LoRe, a native of Gloucester's Magnolia section attended University of Lowell for her bachelor's of science in nursing (BSN) and master's of science in nursing (MSN).

She went to work at Children's Hospital Boston as a pediatric registered nurse in 1988. In 1994, she began work as a nurse practioner in the hospital's Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department. She remains associated with the hospital, working several per-diem shifts each year.

LoRe also writes policies for "General Anesthesia Operating Room Certification" for the Office of Dr. Richard Bartlett, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Brookline, with whom she worked at Children's and has been associated with for 16 years.

Coinciding with her other writing, LoRe also is now writing the "Emergency Dispensing Site Plan" for the Department of Public Health in Middleton. In addition, she composes the Middleton Department of Public Health newsletter.

Placing nothing less than full heart and soul into her work with children, LoRe is animated and passionate about leading and guiding young ones into adulthood... and having fun while so doing.

She, along with husband Anthony, are all about family and have conscientiously raised two non-biological children, who each needed a family atmosphere in which to grow up, providing love, values, and resources -- unselfishly.

LoRe also notes: "Anthony and I have been very engaged in our nieces and nephews lives. Since they were very young, we have taken them on ski vacations, and we have yearly sleepovers at Christmas time under the tree, when we make gingerbread houses."

"Our nieces and nephews always visited us while we volunteered at Camp Fatima, in Gilmanton, NH during Exceptional Citizens Week (as one on one counselors for special needs children and adults), and now our niece and nephew, who are old enough, volunteer for the week themselves, and we visit them."

"We do a trip to Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester every year. Now that the kids are in or approaching college, we plan to take them all to Florida during their spring breaks."

"I'm all about kids," she happily said.

According to LoRe, her greatest blessing in life is her husband, Anthony. A real-life love story, she deems it a miracle to have met this man, married him, and shared her life with him. The couple is celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this year.

Editor's note: Heather LoRe is a member of MBCN and can be reached at heatherlore@verizon.net or heather.lore@century21.com

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