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We all have something challenging that we need to embrace and to live with. My challenge started 12 years ago when I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. I was a married mother of a daughter in 5th grade. After a double mastectomy, chemo, reconstruction and some counseling, my husband, daughter and I felt like we were well on our way back to our normal life. I felt like my biggest prayer was answered. I prayed that I could raise my daughter. I feel like answered prayers are the beauty God shows us. I am now 53, and my daughter has graduated college and has gotten married.


I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer two years ago and am on chemotherapy, once again. I live life fully. I have no idea how long I will continue to do well but I am back to feeling confident enough to make plans for the future again - fun plans. I took an eight day road trip with girlfriends and had a blast. I have taken archery lessons with my cousin (why not?) and I continue to take 5 mile treks. I try to laugh as much as I can.


I also cry a lot too. I cry for those who will be sad when I am gone, although this sadness doesn't stop me from having fun with my friends and family NOW. I know people look at me differently because they realize that my illness is terminal, but I really want people to realize that we are all going to die - some day. I don't want people to give me the "sad eyes"; I want them to embrace their lives and live life to the fullest, which is what I am doing. We are all in the same boat and it won't stay afloat forever. Have fun, live large, and bring happiness to each other.


Live till you can't!

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