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I am 42 yrs. old, married and the mother of 3 children ages, 20, 16 and 14. I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in August of 2011. This diagnosis came 14 months after I had a clean mammogram. At the time of my diagnosis, a pet scan determined that the cancer had spread to my liver, making me stage IV from the start.


My doctors were not optimistic at all; they seemed to think that the fact that I had triple negative cancer meant that my situation was quite serious. My doctor told me that she was going to try to contain the cancer, not cure it. I started chemo right away in September.


My first scan after I started chemo was in December 2011 and my scan was clear in the breast and the liver. I have been on the same chemotherapy regime for the last 16 months and every scan, so far, has been clear.


I am truly blessed. I am able to go to work after treatment. I'm a social worker for a child protective agency. My hair grew back - matter of fact, it started growing back two weeks after it all fell out! My doctor is amazed!


I am a woman of faith and I give God all the Glory! Be encouraged because God is still in the miracle business!

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