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I was diagnosed with Stage IIIC ER/PR positive breast cancer on my
daughter's birthday 1 year ago; the entire year has been a nightmare
with 2 surgeries and a whole onslaught of adjuvant therapy drugs.
Many of these drugs knocked my immune system down and drained every last bit of energy that I had left. Fast forward one year and it is my birthday-today I turned 47 and have spine metastases to the lumbar region.

It's that time now to face the music, time to accept my next chapter
in life, time to admit that the kryptonite has caught up with me and
that I no longer have the endurance and strength to carry on with my
career. A career that I have spent over 20 years building is fading
away like the glowing color of amber. The pain in my L1 through L4 has
become increasingly intolerable and now I need to take
pain meds just to get through the day....it is no longer about the
I'm not depressed, just afraid of the unknown. My next chapter of
life...is learning how to not be Superwoman....
Can't really say where I'll be in a year but I do know where I am right now-
Harnessing my corporate skills into advocacy for MBC!
I have learned a lot in the past year about a disease that I never would have thought I would succumb to
The message of MBC is not clear-not by a long shot, but determined minds can make a difference
I may not feel like Superwoman anymore, but I know the advocacy road I travel will give me the courage to fight for all the heroines that have lost the battle and those that fight along side me.
We will be heard!

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