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I was shocked

October 23, 2010

By Rachel E. Sheeley , Pal-item.com (Richmond Indiana)

Richmond man hopes his recovery story helps others. For three or four years, David Brim had a small knot on his left side just below his armpit.

Metastatic Breast Cancer - Fern Saitowitz

October 20, 2010


Year after year, we talk about breast cancer during the month of October, but often times, we forget that cancer takes on many forms. Shonda Knight spoke with a woman living with cancer. Here is her story.

PAINT THE TOWN PINK: Ingrid Eikinas: Living for today

October 17, 2010

By wickedlocal.com (Marshfield, MA)

Almost three years ago, I walked into the doctor's office with tumors that had spread from my breast throughout my bones and almost completely covered my liver. There were so many tumors that it was useless to count them. I could tell by the looks on the nurses' faces that I was doomed.


Living with advanced cancer and thinking of her son’s future

October 15, 2010

By Tracy Hanes, Healthzone

Except for the green bandana covering her head, you'd never imagine that Lisa Lawson is terminally ill.

House Resolution 787 – Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day October 13

October 13, 2010

By Kathy Coursey-Boes, Coping Magazine

On July 19, 2009, at 6am, I drove with my 12 year old daughter Addie from Oxford, Georgia to Washington, DC, to join our group of breast cancer patients and family members. The Metastatic Breast Cancer Network would train us in the legislative and advocacy process. The drive was long and the day was hot, but it was important for me to be in Washington and have my voice heard. It was important for Addie to see me fighting on behalf of my beliefs and the needs of others. I was part of the group representing all of us with stage IV breast cancer and the issues that are unique to us.

Hopedale woman upbeat despite cancer

October 12, 2010

By Ashley Studley, Milford Daily News (MA)

Debra Ragosta refuses to dwell on her own mortality.

The Hopedale resident, who has breast cancer, said Breast Cancer Awareness month has her thinking about the thousands of patients dealing with terminal breast cancer - and how little others might know about it.

Cancer can't diminish her zest for life

October 11, 2010

A stack of books on travel and vegan cooking sit on Loretta Ferraro's coffee table.The shelves of her entertainment center are filled with framed photos from trips around the world and skydiving adventures. And in her bedroom is a drawer full of pink shirts, pink beads and pink buttons.

Ferraro had a life before breast cancer, and she's determined to have an even better one with it.

Crossing Guard for 26 years finds it isn't so easy to stop

October 11, 2010

By Kevin Riordan, Philadelphia Inquirer

Sharon Kirscht uses the present tense when talking about the job that cancer finally forced her to give up.

"I love being a crossing guard," says the lady who helped Gloucester Township's children get to and from school for 26 years.

Breast cancer: A fight to be done together

October 10, 2010

By Greenbay (WI) Press Gazette

I am very familiar with the words, "you have cancer." I am a 17-year breast cancer survivor and I am now battling breast cancer for the third time. My history with cancer began when I was 37 and suspicious spots showed up on my mammogram.

Famous Breast Cancer Survivors- Elizabeth Edwards

October 9, 2010

By Today Health, NBC

Elizabeth Edwards

The wife of former vice presidential candidate John Edwards was diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer, the most common type of the disease, in the final weeks of the presidential campaign in 2004. After receiving treatment, she went into remission, although the cancer returned in 2007. She is living with stage 4 breast cancer which has spread to her bones and other organs. “There are no guarantees in life anyway,” she told NBC Dateline in 2004. “And if the one thing that we’ve learned over the years is that you’re going to have to live every day like it’s your last day anyway. So you know, this, for me, it’s just another reminder of that lesson.”

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