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Meet our speakers for the 2011 Conference



Stephen Baylin, MD                                                                               "Cutting Edge Research"

BaylinDr. Baylin is Deputy Director of The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins. He is the Virginia and D.K. Ludwig Professor for Cancer Research and a Professor of Oncology and Medicine. He received a medical degree from Duke University and also completed an Internal Medicine residency there. He completed a fellowship in Endocrinology and Physiology at Johns Hopkins. His clinical interests include molecular markers for cancer risk assessment, early diagnosis and prognostic monitoring and the use of reversing gene silencing.


Leisha Ann Emens, MD, PhD                                                                    "Immunotherapy"

Emens Dr. Emens is an Associate Professor of Oncology at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins. She is a physician-scientist specializing in breast cancer and immunotherapy research. Dr. Emens received both a medical degree and a Ph.D. in Cell Biology from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. Her post-graduate training included a post-doctoral research fellowship at the National Cancer Institute, and fellowship training in medical oncology and hematology at Johns Hopkins. Dr. Emens also serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Clinical Oncology.


Carolyn Hendricks, MD - "MBC 201: Broaden your Knowledge" and "Ask the Experts"

Hendricks An oncologist specializing in breast cancer, Dr. Hendricks has a private practice in Bethesda. She began her career in medicine with a residency in Internal Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital followed by a fellowship, and later a senior fellowship, in clinical oncology. She is currently a trustee for the Suburban Hospital Healthcare System, Inc in Bethesda and a member of the National Mammography Board of Quality Assurance.


Robert S. Miller, MD                     "MBC101: Become Informed" and "Ask the Experts"

RSM Dr. Miller is an Associate Professor of Oncology at Johns Hopkins and a Clinical Associate in the Breast Cancer program. He graduated from the Medical College of Virginia School of Medicine in 1985. He completed a residency in Internal Medicine at University of California at San Francisco in 1988 and a fellowship in Medical Oncology at Stanford University School of Medicine in 1991.


Tatiana Michelle Prowell, MD                                 "Clinical Trials vs Standard of Care"

prowell Dr. Prowell is a member of the Medical Oncology Faculty at Johns Hopkins University. She received an MD from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1999 and completed an Internal Medicine Residency and Oncology Fellowship also at Hopkins. Her research interest is in novel agents for breast cancer prevention and endocrine therapy for breast cancer.


Richard Cedric Zellars, MD                               "Ask the Experts" and "Bone Metastases"

Zellars Dr. Zellars is an Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Sciences and
Associate Professor of Oncology at Johns Hopkins University. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1991 and completed a residency in Radiation Oncology at University of Michigan in 1996.




Lynn Billing, BSN, CHPN                                                                    "Role of the Caregiver"

Lynn's Johns Hopkins experience includes serving as a primary nurse in the outpatient department, a research nurse for hematological malignancies, and a nurse pain specialist for the Cancer Pain Service. She also has experience as a home hospice nurse. Lynn has advanced certification in hospice and palliative care and pain management. She is a graduate of the Program in Palliative Care Education and Practice offered by Harvard Medical School.


CJ (Dian) Corneliussen-James - "How to Navigate Social Security Disability - a Patient's Perspective"

CJ CJ is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, whose second career as a civilian was cut short when she metastasized to her lung in 2006. In 2007, she established an MBC support program and in 2009 helped co-found METAvivor Research and Support. She has been on Social Security Disability since 2007 and has helped many others navigate the SSDI system.


Joani Gudeman, LCSW, PsyD                         "Living with Uncertainty - MBC Panel"

Gudeman Joani Gudeman is a psychotherapist in private practice who is also living with metastatic breast cancer and serves on the MBCN Board of Directors. She graduated from Lawrence University in Wisconsin, the University of Chicago's School of Social Service Administration and the Illinois Institute of Professional Psychology.


Kenzo Hirose, MD                                                          "Role of Surgery in Soft Tissue Mets"

HiroseDr. Hiroze is an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Johns Hopkins, specializing in hepatopancreatobiliary surgery with an interest in benign and malignant conditions of the liver, bile duct and pancreas. He has a special interest in minimally invasive surgical techniques. He graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1999 and completed a residency in General Surgery at University of California at San Francisco and fellowships in Surgery and Transplant Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic.


Linda Ann Lee, MD, AGAF                                                                 "Nutrition and Wellness"

Dr. Linda Ann Lee is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Director of the Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine & Digestive Center, as well as the Clinical Director, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. She graduated from The University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine (1991) and completed a fellowship in Medicine and Gastroenterology.


Carol B. Riley, RN, MSN, CRNP                                                         "Managing Side Effects"

Riley Carol B. Riley is a certified Nurse Practitioner at the Avon Foundation Breast Center at Johns Hopkins. She received a bachelor of science in nursing from Towson State University in 1987 and a masters degree in 1998 from Johns Hopkins Unversity.


Nelli Zafman, MSN, CRNP, AOCN                                                   "Managing Side Effects"

Zafman Nelli Zafman is an advanced oncology certified nurse practitioner at Johns Hopkins.





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