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New Directions in Metastatic Breast Cancer


Breakfast & Registration


MBCN Welcome : Shirley Mertz, President, MBCN and Debra Tincher, Conference Chair

Welcome to MD Anderson: Dr. Stacy Moulder


Breakout #1
A. Hormone Positive MBC: Dr. Ricardo Alvarez
B. Triple Negative MBC: Dr. Jennifer Litton
C. HER2+ MBC: Dr. Amal Melhem-Bertrandt


Integrative Medicine: Dr.Gabriel Lopez

Living with MBC: Dr. Don Dizon



Break Out #2
D. Bone Mets: Dr. Richard Theriault/Dr. Stacy Moulder
E. The Role of Surgery or Ablation in MBC: Dr. Alastair Thompson
F. Issues Facing Young Women with MBC Panel:
Mary Dev, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C   Dr. Jennifer Litton
G. Support for the Caregiver: Lori Williams, PhD


The Role of Tumor Markers in MBC: Dr. Fraser Symmans

Break Out #3

H. Brain Metastasis: Dr. Nuhad Ibrahim
I. Treating Symptoms of MBC and Palliative Care: Dr. Rony Dev
J. Health Insurance and Disability:

Rose Lefeber, MSW    Jackie Garza, MSW
K. Communication Skills - Talking with your Doctor Panel:

       Dr. Stacy Moulder   Dr. Richard Theriault


Clinical Trials for MBC: Dr. Ricardo Alvarez

Emerging Treatments and Advances in MBC: Dr. Funda Meric-Bernstam


Closing and Reception

SUNDAY SESSION - September 22


Breakout #4
L. MBC and Intimacy: Dr. Don Dizon
M. Using Your Voice and Story for Change in MBC: Shirley Mertz, President MBCN
N. In Person & Online Support - Tips for finding Credible Sources:
        Katherine O'Brien, MBCN Secretary

Open Time for Networking
LAST CHANCE to mix and mingle; make a new friend; discuss the conference; connect; share; exchange emails.

"I met 5 new friends from last year's conference and we all keep in touch"



MD Anderson Faculty and Staff:

Vicente Valero, M.D., Professor, Chair Ad Interim, Breast Medical Oncology

Stacy Moulder, M.D., M.S.C.I., Associate Professor, Associate Director Nellie B. Connally Breast Center

Ricardo Alvarez, M.D., M.Sc, Assistant Professor, Breast Medical Oncology

Mary Dev, M.S.W, L.C.S.W, O.S.W-C

Rony Dev, D.O., Assistant Professor, Supportive Care Medicine

Jackie Garza, M.S.W, L.M.S.W

Nuhad Ibrahim, M.D., Professor, Breast Medical Oncology

Rose Lefeber, M.S.W, L.M.S.W-A.C.S.W, O.S.W-C

Jennifer Litton, M.D., Associate Professor, Breast Medical Oncology

Gabriel Lopez, M.D., Assistant Professor, General Oncology, Integrative Medicine

Amal Melhem-Bertrandt, M.D., Assistant Professor, Breast Medical Oncology

Funda Meric-Bernstam, M.D., Professor, Chair, Investigational Cancer Therapeutics (Phase I Program); Surgical Oncology

Fraser Symmans, M.D., Professor, Pathology

Richard Theriault, D.O., Professor, Breast Medical Oncology

Lori Williams, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Symptom Research


Invited Guest Speakers

Alastair Thompson, M.D., Professor; Director, Clinical Research Center, Tayside; Surgical Oncology, University of Dundee, United Kingdom

Don Dizon, M.D., FACP, Assistant in Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Gillette Center for Gynecologic Oncology at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Cancer Center






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