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Death & Mortality Rates

Deaths from Breast Cancer (Metastatic Breast Cancer)

  • All deaths from breast cancer result from the spread of breast cancer cells to other vital organs such as bones, lung, liver or brain-a process called metastasis. No one dies from breast cancer that is confined to the breast.
  • 39, 510 US women and 410 men in 2012 for a total of 39,920 [ACS Cancer Facts 2012]
  • Although breast cancer is often described as a “disease of aging”, 16% of the deaths occur in women under age 50. {ACS Cancer Facts 2012]  It is the number one cause of cancer death in this age group.
  • About half a million deaths worldwide annually [WHO]
  • Approximately 40,000 per year for the last 20 years [ACS]
  • 1 death every 13 minutes in the US [Komen website]

fact-110Mortality rates for Breast Cancer (Metastatic Breast Cancer)

Mortality rate for women is defined as the number of female deaths divided by the population at risk

Mortality rate trends:

Down by 2.2% annually between 1990-2007, “attributable to both improvements in BC treatment and early detection.” [ACS Breast Cancer Facts & Figures, 2011-2012]