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MBCN-GET-THE-FACTS-English_cover-1MBCN Info Brochure — Get the Facts

This informative, trifold brochure explains what metastatic breast cancer is and what MBCN, as an organization, does. It is geared for the general public and can be ordered for distribution at health fairs, breast cancer programs, walks and other events.

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MBCN-GET-THE-FACTS-Spanish_cover-1Conozca Los Datos

El cáncer de mama metastásico, también conocido como cáncer avanzado o de etapa 4, es cáncer que se propaga fuera de la mama a otros órganos como los huesos, el hígado, los pulmones o el cerebro. Este proceso se llama metástasis. Aunque el cáncer ha invadido otro órgano, todavía se clasifica y se trata como cáncer de mama.

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MK_BTN_SeptOct_08_REV2-14920Diagnosis: Metastatic Breast Cancer…What does it mean for you?

All of the information in this short pamphlet for Newly Diagnosed is available to read here on the website. These are the 15 most common questions you may be asking.  Just click HERE.

We do offer printed copies of the brochure because they are particularly useful for Doctor’s offices, Cancer Centers or Support Groups where they can be distributed to new patients.

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MBCN-DIAGNOSIS-BOOKLET-Spanish_coverDiagóstico: Cáncer de mama metastásico… ¿Qué significa para usted?

Ser diagnosticado de cáncer de mama metastásico puede ser espantoso y abrumador. Es comprensible experimentar una variedad de emociones cuando es diagnosticado por primera vez. Este folleto le proporcionará datos actualizados y algunas respuestas a preguntas frecuentes.

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MBCN-BEST-ADVOCATE-BROCHURE_cover-1Being your own best advocate

A diagnosis of advanced breast cancer can be complex and frightening. But you CAN get the excellent care you deserve. Here are some tips for taking charge of your treatment.

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Metastatic Breast Cancer Series: Guide for the Newly Diagnosed

newly_diagnosed-1The Metastatic Breast Cancer Series: Guide for the Newly Diagnosed will give you the information and support you need to make informed decisions about your treatment and to manage your emotions during the first few months after a metastatic diagnosis. Whether this is your first breast cancer diagnosis or you’ve had breast cancer before, this guide offers a deeper look at how metastatic breast cancer affects your daily life and how you can adapt to the changes it brings.

Jointly created by Living Beyond Breast Cancer and Metastatic Breast Cancer Network, Metastatic Breast Cancer Series: Guide for the Newly Diagnosed explains Stage IV breast cancer, existing and upcoming treatment options and their side effects, clinical trials, and complementary therapies to relieve stress and anxiety. Learn how to talk effectively about your concerns with your healthcare providers and with the people closest to you. Understand your diagnosis to play an active role in your treatment.

The guide includes the experiences of people living with metastatic breast cancer of all ages, ethnicities and lifestyles. A Spanish version is also available: La  serie sobre el cáncer de mama metastásico: Guía para nuevas pacientes.

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