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MBC Alliance


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The Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance (“MBC Alliance”) started in 2013 when advocacy organizations joined together, driven by a vision to transform and improve the lives of women and men living with metastatic breast cancer. With the power of a unified voice, the Alliance will:

  • Ensure all metastatic breast cancer patients and caregivers can access the care and services they need from a responsive and well informed healthcare system
  • Build understanding of metastatic breast cancer and how it differs from early stage breast cancer
  • Advocate for progress in research focusing on extending life, enhancing quality of life, and ultimately ending death from the disease.

mbca_full_report_landscape_analysis-1Download individual chapters of the Alliance 2014 Landscape Analysis

Scientific research, including clinical trials (Chapter 2)
Quality of life for patients, their families and their caregivers (Chapter 3)
Information and support services provided by Alliance members (Chapter 4)
Epidemiology and challenges with population-based statistics (Chapter 5)
Public awareness of metastatic breast cancer (Chapter 6)

MBC Alliance members collaborate to understand opportunities in patient education and support resources, research into causes and more effective treatments, and policy related to patient access to quality treatment.

Advocate Members of the Alliance