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Research Funding

Estimates for funding for research for metastatic disease:  LOW

MBC focused research made up only 7% of the $15 billion invested in breast cancer research from 2000 to 2013 by the major governmental and nonprofit funders from North America and the United Kingdom.Metastatic  (MBC Alliance Landscape Report on Metastatic Breast Cancer 10/13/14)

Only 5 Percent of Cancer Research Funds Are Spent On Metastases, Yet It Kills 90 Percent of All Cancer Patients [Science Daily, 6/2010]

Chart on Metastasis Funding:


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Chart Source: Steeg, Patricia and Sleeman, Jonathan. “Cancer metastasis as a therapeutic target” European Journal of Cancer 46 (2010) 1177-1180.

Fewer than 8% percent of researchers mention the word ‘metastasis’ in their grant applications Unlocking the Mysteries of Metastases, January 2013, ACS website

“But as pointed out by ACS Scientific Council member Dan Welch, “Fewer than 8% percent of researchers mention the word ‘metastasis’ in their grant applications, in the context of actually working on the problem, …Figuring out how to prevent cancer – a key research focus today – would be the best approach, he agrees, but that’s of little help to patients who already have cancer. He further explains, “To prevent something, you have to know its cause. We have no idea why cancer cells spread, let alone what prompts them to disseminate throughout the body

Top funders of all breast cancer research in US

[Reuters: Sharon Begley and Janet Roberts: Insight: Komen Charity under microscope for funding, science]

Source Amount Year
NIH- National Institute of Health $763 M 2011
DOD- Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Project 150M 2012
Susan G. Komen 63M 2011
American Cancer Society ACS 17M 2012
all other non profits  ?

SG Komen For the Cure:

% of budget spent on ALL breast cancer research:

Year % of budget for research
(finding the cure)
2008 29%
2009 17
2010 17
2011 15